Monday, November 14, 2011

Diosa Canales Hot photos

Diosa Canales hot photos – Hot Photos Diosa Canales is still half a body alias only in the chest has appeared on various Internet sites. But more surprising when the adult model from Venezuela has promised to do more, that is dancing while the heat if it becomes Champion Copa America Venezuela 2011.

The statement will promise to be hot if Venezuela’s Copa America champions were raised by Diosa Canales via Twitter account.

“I want to announce to all fans around the world. If Vintonito (nicknamed Venezuela) won the Copa America, then I would pose hot,” he wrote.

Diosa Canales Hot photos

But the promise of heat would Diosa Canales, if Venezuela won the Copa America was a total failure this is due to the Venezuelan team must bend the knees of Paraguay 3-5 in the semifinals which was held in Buenos Aires, Thursday (07/21/2011) noon CST. This duel ended with a balanced 0-0 on penalties after 120 minutes.

As it is known that Diosa Canales is one of the adult model in Venezuela, he often posing hot for magazines hot in the country.

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